Mesos uses Google Logging[0] and, according to the documentation there, the
VLOG(n) calls are only logged if a variable GLOG_v=m (where n > m) is
configured when running Mesos (the other suggested way, using --v=m won't
work for mesos).

Having said that, I have recently been unable to make this work - so there
may be some other trickery at work.


*Marco Massenzio*

On Wed, Dec 30, 2015 at 12:30 AM, Nan Xiao <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I want mesos prints logs from VLOG function:
> VLOG(1) << "Executor started at: " << self()
>             << " with pid " << getpid();
> But from mesos help:
> $ sudo ./bin/ --help | grep -i LOG
>   --external_log_file=VALUE                Specified the externally
> managed log file. This file will be
>                                            stderr logging as the log
> file is otherwise unknown to Mesos.
>   --[no-]initialize_driver_logging         Whether to automatically
> initialize Google logging of scheduler
>   --[no-]log_auto_initialize               Whether to automatically
> initialize the replicated log used for the
>                                            registry. If this is set to
> false, the log has to be manually
>   --log_dir=VALUE                          Directory path to put log
> files (no default, nothing
>                                            does not affect logging to
> stderr).
>                                            NOTE: 3rd party log
> messages (e.g. ZooKeeper) are
>   --logbufsecs=VALUE                       How many seconds to buffer
> log messages for (default: 0)
>   --logging_level=VALUE                    Log message at or above
> this level; possible values:
>                                            will affect just the logs
> from log_dir (if specified) (default: INFO)
>   --[no-]quiet                             Disable logging to stderr
> (default: false)
>   --quorum=VALUE                           The size of the quorum of
> replicas when using 'replicated_log' based
>                                            available options are
> 'replicated_log', 'in_memory' (for testing). (default: replicated_log)
> I can't find related configurations.
> So how can mesos print  logs from VLOG function? Thanks in advance!
> Best Regards
> Nan Xiao

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