Thanks for the clarification – I’ll try to dig into this and use execute.cpp  
as a starting point for my problem…
Kind Regards,

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Subject: Re: Support for tasks groups aka pods in Mesos

The answer is No, the taskGroup can be treated as Pod in Kubernetes, it will be 
a set of containers co-located and co-managed on an agent that share some 
resources (e.g., network namespace, volumes). For your case, you may want to 
split your 50 tasks to small task groups.

Also the `execute` cli is just an example framework and it can only launch one 
task group for now, you may want to enhance it if you want to launch multiple 
task groups.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 1:41 PM, 
<<>> wrote:
Very cool feature.
I’ve seen some recent changes 
(MESOS-6096<>) in the 
mesos-execute cli supporting grouped tasks which spawns the task-group on an 
arbitrary or specified agent node. Tested this yesterday and it works great.  
But if the task group holds a lot of one-off tasks (let’s say 50 tasks each 4 
cores,…) how could one achieve that  tasks are evenly distributed over several 
agents, depending on free resources? Don’t know if this is referred to pods, 
but do you think mesos-execute will support this?

Currently I’m using chronos & cook for batch scheduling, but I’d  like to 
achieve that every batch/group of  tasks runs in its own temporary framework 
like it does with mesos-execute

Thanks in advance & kind regards,

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From: Vinod Kone [<>]
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Subject: Support for tasks groups aka pods in Mesos

Hi folks,

One of the most requested features in Mesos has been first class support for 
managing pod like containers. We finally have some time to focus and shepherd 
this work.

The epic tracking this work is :

Design doc:

Your feedback on the design will be most welcome. Once we get agreement on the 
design, we can start breaking down the epic into tickets.

Vinod & Jie

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