Thanks for sharing this Ben! It's great to see some progress being made
towards a better CLI. We're evaluating the UCR and having something close
to parity with the Docker CLI would be a significant boon to our adoption
of it (particularly helpful when debugging issues on our production system).

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 3:01 PM, Benjamin Mahler <> wrote:

> I've heard a lot of interest in there being investment in the mesos CLI.
> For those that are interested, please take a look at the re-design doc and
> share your feedback:
> 2WVscgYqrD07OyIglsA/edit
> Feel free to make comments in the doc, suggest commands that you think
> would be useful, or share any high level feedback, questions, or concerns
> here and Kevin / Armand can answer them.
> Ben

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