Congratulations Chun!

I apologize for not also giving you a +1, as I certainly would have, but just discovered my mailing list isn't working. Just a heads up, don't let that happen to you too!

I look forward to continuing to work with you.



On 03/10/2018 9:14 pm, Jie Yu wrote:

I am happy to announce that the PMC has voted Chun-Hung Hsiao as a new
committer and member of PMC for the Apache Mesos project. Please join me to
congratulate him!

Chun has been an active contributor for the past year. His main
contributions to the project include:
* Designed and implemented gRPC client support to libprocess (MESOS-7749)
* Designed and implemented Storage Local Resource Provider (MESOS-7235,
* Implemented part of the CSI support (MESOS-7235, MESOS-8374)

Chun is friendly and humble, but also intelligent, insightful, and
opinionated. I am confident that he will be a great addition to our
committer pool. Thanks Chun for all your contributions to the project so

His committer checklist can be found here:

- Jie

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