Hi all,
We are currently working on patches to implement the new GROW_VOLUME and
SHRINK_VOLUME operations [1]. In order to make it into Mesos 1.6, we're
pursuing a workaround which affects the way these operations are accounted
for in the Mesos master. These operations will be marked as *experimental* in
Mesos 1.6.

As a result of this workaround, upgrades from Mesos 1.6 to later versions
would be affected. Specifically, 1.6 masters would not be able to properly
account for the resources of failed GROW/SHRINK operations on 1.7+ agents.
This means that when upgrading from Mesos 1.6, if GROW_VOLUME or
SHRINK_VOLUME operations are being used during the upgrade, the masters
*must* be upgraded first. If we follow this proposal, this constraint would
be clearly spelled out in our upgrade documentation.

Since, in general, we guarantee compatibility between Mesos masters and
agents of the same major version, we wanted to check with the community to
see if this constraint on 1.6 upgrades would be acceptable. Please let us
know what you think!


[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MESOS-4965

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