2nd I have the impression that SRV records are not correctly implemented 
should ._tcp not be at the front (after the service) instead of in the 
middle? Or do I have something incorrect in my mesos configuration that 
makes these groups act as part of the task name?

[@]$ dig +short _sip._udp.sip.voice.google.com SRV
20 1 5060 sip-anycast-2.voice.google.com.
10 1 5060 sip-anycast-1.voice.google.com.

bash-5.0# dig +short @ _tcp.server.temp.test.marathon.mesos
bash-5.0# dig +short @ server._tcp.temp.test.marathon.mesos
bash-5.0# dig +short @ 

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Subject: random string in task groups hostname

I cannot remember seeing this before. I wondered if this is common and 
is it should to be. I am having in srv lookups random string in the 
group. Why is test appended with '-grxx9-s0'?

[@~]$ dig +short @ server.temp.test.marathon.mesos

[@~]$ dig +short @ _server.temp.test._tcp.marathon.mesos
0 1 31682 server.temp.test-grxx9-s0.marathon.mesos.

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