If I disable authenticate_http_readwrite authenticate_http_readonly. My 
test slrp's are indeed loaded and I see tasks running. 

Launching these tasks as described on the manual page via curl[1] also 
fails. The task is not running, but I see that curl commands json is 
being put in the resource-providers dir.

So please some info on how to get this working with having the 
authenticate_http_readwrite authenticate_http_readonly enabled.

curl --user xxx:xxx -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' 
http://m01.local:5051/api/v1 -d 

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To: user
Subject: mesos csi test plugin slrp 401 Unauthorized

I am testing with this 

Failed to recover resource provider with type 
'org.apache.mesos.rp.local.storage' and name 'test_slrp': Failed to get
containers: Unexpected response '401 Unauthorized' (401 Unauthorized.)

Is this because I am having authentication on, and the standalone 
container cannot launch? How to resolve this?


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