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Subject: How to test if slrp is working correctly

I am testing with slrp and csi drivers after watching this video[1] of 
mesosphere. I would like to know how I can verify that the slrp is 
properly configured and working.

1. Can I use an api endpoint to query controller/list-volumes or do a 
controller/create-volume. I found this csc tool that can use a socket, 
however it does not work with some csi drivers (only the csinfs)[2]

After I disabled the endpoint authentication, the slrp seem to launch 
these cni drivers. I have processes like this

       793   790  0 Aug15 ?        00:00:00 ./csi-blockdevices
     15298 15292  0 Aug15 ?        00:01:00 ./test-csi-plugin 
--available_capacity=2GB --work_dir=workdir
     16292 16283  0 Aug15 ?        00:00:05 ./csilvm 
-unix-addr=unix:///run/csilvm.sock -volume-group VGtest
     17639 17636  0 Aug15 ?        00:00:08 ./csinfs --endpoint 
unix://run/csinfs.sock --nodeid test --alsologtostderr --log_dir /tmp


[root@m01 resource-providers]# csc --endpoint unix:///run/csinfs.sock 
identity plugin-info "" "2.0.0"

[root@m01 resource-providers]# csc --endpoint unix:///run/csilvm.sock 
identity plugin-info unknown service csi.v1.Identity

[root@m01 resource-providers]# csc --endpoint unix:///run/csiblock.sock 
identity plugin-info unknown service csi.v1.Identity

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