> I'm asking, because I'm under impression that an (unconscious) view of
> some/many of the PMC is that Mesos is not  - and will never be -
> solving any task that Kubernetes is not solving now and will not be
> solving in the foreseeable future. _If_ one views Mesos+something as a
> "contender in a container orchestration war" then that "battle" is
> clearly lost.

I have been wondering about this. Not having any knowledge of kubernetes. At 
the time I decided to 'use' mesos it was my understanding that multiple 
networks (multihome tasks) were not possible with kubernetes. 

I saw some video where the mesos development team explained why there was a 
need to create a mesos containerizer because the docker one was not stable 
enough. Has kubernetes their own containerizer?

What should I think when I read about such things: "Kubernetes and Mesos employ 
different tactics to handle the same problem. Mesos is more ambitious, as 
Kubernetes equates to just a single node of Mesos’ entire solution."[1]

And last but not least, from a commercial aspect is it not better to be able to 
have choice? Ending up with only kubernetes will result in another tool for 
google to force their standards.

If I may continue your bad analogy. Apple is still making iphones although they 
clearly lost against the android platform. ;)


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