Hi Kris,

when the plugins (index-anchor or index-more) are enabled and the configuration 
is properly
deployed they should work immediately starting with the segments/steps indexed 
from now on.

Would it be possible to get examples what values are missing in the index?


On 09/14/2016 03:41 PM, KRIS MUSSHORN wrote:
> i have this setup in nutch-site.xml plugin includes: 
> <value>protocol-http|urlfilter-(regex|suffix)|parse-(html|tika|metatags)|index-(basic|anchor|metadata|more)|indexer-solr|scoring-opic|urlnormalizer-(pass|regex|basic)</value>
> What else do i need to do to get the index-anchor and index-more plugins to 
> index their fields in solr? 
> The schema.xml file in the destination core looks right. 
> I've seen no documentation that specifies any properties in nutch-site.xml 
> for these plugins. 
> index-metadata and parse-metatags both required properties to work.. what 
> about anchor and more? 
> Kris 

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