Dear community!

I'm relatively new to Nutch 1.x and got stumped on an indexing issue.
I have a local Java application that sends Nutch jobs to a remote Hadoop 
deployment for execution. The jobs are sent in the following order:
Inject -> Generate -> Fetch -> Parse -> Index -> Update -> Invertlinks
Once a round is finished it starts over. The commands are of course configured 
based on the previous one's results (when necessary).

This setup seems to work, I can see that fetch gathers the correct urls for 
example. The problem is the Index stage. I implemented a custom IndexWriter 
that should send data to Couchbase buckets and Kafka Producers, however even 
though the plugin seems to construct correctly (I can see Kafka producer setup 
records in the reduce log), the open/write/update functions are never called. I 
put logs in each and also used remote debugging to make sure that they are 
really never called.
I also used a debugger inside the IndexerMapReduce class and to be honest I'm 
not sure where the IndexWriter is used, but the job definitely receives data (I 
saw the fetched urls).

I should mention that I also created an HTMLParseFilter plugin and that one 
works perfectly, so plugin deployment shouldn't be the issue. Also in the logs 
I can see the following:
Registered Plugins: ... Couchbase indexer (indexer-couchbase) ... 
org.apache.nutch.indexer.IndexWriters: Adding correct.package.Indexer
I've been stuck on this issue for a few days now, any help/ideas would be 
appreciated on why my IndexWriter is never called when running an Indexer job.


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