Hi Timeka,

well, the really short answer is: Nutch sends "documents" to Solr using
the Solr4j client library. A "document" is a single web page fetched, parsed
and split into indexable fields, e.g., "title", "keywords", "content".

For further information you may look into




For the tiny details, you may need to inspect the Nutch source code directly.


On 10/01/2018 03:38 AM, Timeka Cobb wrote:
> Hello! I've installed Nutch 1.15 and Solr 7.4 very recently. I've looked at
> the section to connect the 2 but have an extreme hard time understanding.
> Can someone help me with connecting the 2..I want to crawl entire websites
> and add a search engine to my site. Thank ya kindly 😊💗
> Blessings,
> Timeka Cobb

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