Hi Marcello,
I don't think this is correct no!
first however, I really suggest that we upgrade the Jest client in this
plugin. The most recent one is 6.3.1 and we are using 2.0.3.
Please see https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/NUTCH-2677, if you are
able to provide a patch and test it out it would be great. Please see my
response inline below

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> From: Marcello Lorenzi <cell...@gmail.com>
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> Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2018 15:41:45 +0100
> Subject: Apache Nutch vs Multiple elasticsearch nodes
> Hi All,
> we installed the latest version of Apache Nutch to crawl some HTML pages
> but we tested all the operations with a single Elasticsearch instance. We
> use the Elasticsearch REST index writer but into the "host" parameter we
> configure the string "es-elk-pr01.test.local, es-elk-sv01.test.local" the
> JEST client has been started with only 1 server.
>  INFO AbstractJestClient:56 - Setting server pool to a list of 1 servers: [
> http://es-elk-pr01.test.local , es-elk-sv01.test.local:9200]
> Is it correct this behavior?

Please see the following message,
I think you should configure your host in index-writers.xml, specifically



> Thanks in advance,
> Marcello


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