Thanks Markus,

I will try to run linkdb with multiple Reducer.

Suraj Singh

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Hello Suraj,

You can safely run the LinkDB merger with as many reducers as you like.

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> Subject: Multiple Reducers for Linkdb
> Hello,
> Can we run Linkdb(invertlinks) with multiple reducers?
> I am asking this because by default it runs with just one Reducer and it 
> takes good amount of time to complete and it keeps on increasing every 
> subsequent round since the number of Mappers keeps on increasing with every 
> round.
> Of course we can set the number of reducers to more than one but I am afraid 
> it will break something in subsequent steps as I am not sure why it was built 
> to run with just one Reducer considering the overload with every subsequent 
> round.
> Thanks in Advance.
> Regards,
> Suraj Singh

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