Try adding this to schema.xml:

    <fieldType name="pdates" class="solr.DatePointField" docValues="true" 
    <fieldType name="plongs" class="solr.LongPointField" docValues="true" 
    <fieldType name="pdoubles" class="solr.DoublePointField" docValues="true" 

On Wed, 2019-02-27 at 15:49 -0600, Dave Beckstrom wrote:
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Hi Everyone,

I'm a developer and I am installing Nutch with Solr for a client.  I've
been reading everything I can get my hands on and I am just not finding the
answers to some questions.   I'm really hoping you can help!

I have Nutch 1.15 and Solr 7.3.1 installed on a Windows server.   Those
appeared to be the most current compatible versions where the Nutch
binaries were available.

The first question I have is regarding the "/conf/schema.xml"  that ships
with Nutch.  As I understand it, that file needs to be copied over to Solr
for use with the collection on Solr.

Is the schema.xml file used in the creation of the new collection on solr?
In other words, does the Nutch schema.xml file need to be copied to Solr
first and then the collection created or do you first create a collection
using the default schema.xml that ships with solr and after the collection
has been created then replace schema.xml with the nutch version of

If I try and copy the nutch schema.xml over to SOLR first and then create a
collection it throws the following error:

  fieldType 'pdates' not found in the schema




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