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> Asunto: [MASSMAIL]Error Updating Solr

> I'm getting much closer to getting Nutch and SOLR to play well together.
> (Ryan - thanks for your help on my last question.  Your suggestion fixed
> that issue)
> What is happening now is that Nutch finishes crawling, then calls the
> index-writer to update solr.  The SOLR update fails with this message:
> 2019-02-28 17:34:33,742 WARN  mapred.LocalJobRunner -
> job_local966037581_0001
> java.lang.Exception:
> org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.HttpSolrClient$RemoteSolrException: Error
> from server at<collection name>: copyField dest
> :'metatag.description_str' is not an explicit field and doesn't match a
> dynamicField.

This seems to me like a Solr bad configured schema. I think you don't have 
declared the "metatag.description_str" field in your schema.xml. So, Solr is 
trying to copy into a field that doesn't exist.

> The mapping section of the index writer originally had this value:
> <field source="metatag.description" dest="description"/>

The default configuration of index-writers.xml file is a reference. It's for 
you to know what you can do with this file, but you can modify it according 
your needs. In this case Nutch will change the name of the field 
"metatag.description" to "description" and finally this field will be sent to 
Solr as "description". More information about this at 

> I have removed everything from the mapping section of the index-writer and
> cycled the SOLR service.  My mapping section now looks like this:
>    <mapping>
>      <copy/>
>      <rename/>
>      <remove>
>        <field source="segment"/>
>      </remove>
>    </mapping>
> I cannot find any reference to "metatag.description_str" in any of the
> nutch xml files or the SOLR files.
> Any idea of how I can fix this issue?
> Thank you!
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