Ryan and Roannel,

Thank you guys so much for your replies.  I didn't realize it but I was not
seeing all of the emails from you.

Roannel you sent some really helpful replies that never came in as an
email.  I found your replies when I browsed the web-based archives on the
apache site.   I wanted to make sure I thanked you for your help!!!

I can't find one example of an exchanges.xml other than what ships with
Nutch.   I'm really in the blind trying to get the exchanges to work.  I
believe this may be the last item I need help with and then I'll have Nutch
working the way I need it to.  Any help you can offer would be GREATLY

Let's say I have a document that was crawled and the URL for the document
was as follows:


Here is the expression I have coded in exchanges.xml:

<param name="expr" value="doc.getFieldValue('url')=~'/englishnews/'" />

That expression is not triggering.  As near as I can tell the "=~" is the
"contains" expression.  The idea being if the url contains "englishnews"
then this expression should trigger.  I believe the slashes around
"englishnews" makes it function as a regular expression, which should
evaluate to true, rather then a string compare.

If anyone can help get me past this final road block I would greatly
appreciate the help!  I spent an entire day on this yesterday and got

Thank you!


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