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> Markus Jelsma-2 wrote
> > Hello Alexis,
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> > This is definately a question for Solr. Regardless of that, you choice is
> > between Solr's Result Grouping component, or FieldCollapsing filter query
> > parser.
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> > Markus
> Thank you..  
> I kinda figured that I'd need to figure out how to use the FieldCollapsing
> query parser & figure out how to make it work on a per hostname basis from
> the hostname field.. I'm not too sure on how to write the function for it
> but I should be able to figure it out..

fq={!collapse field=host}

keep in mind, for this to work equal hosts must be indexed into equals shards.
> I'm hopeful though that nutch might solve some of this for me as it indexes
> another billion pages.. It seems to be less frequent with more pages added
> to the index from multiple domains..

Nutch, out-of-the-box, can't solve this for you, unless you crawl or index 
less. Or get rid of a decent amount of duplicates, which are usually around if 
you crawl a few billion pages.

> Thanks again..  :)
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