Hi Everyone,

This is probably more of a SOLR question but I'm hoping someone might be
able to help.  I'm  using Nutch to crawl and index some content.  It failed
on a SOLR field defined as a text field when it was trying to insert the
following value for the field:


The field was defined in the schema.xml as:

<field name="metadata.myfieldname" type="text" stored="true"

The error message said it was a RemoteSolrException from the server and
that it was an error adding the field.  I'm pretty certain the issue was
the value being inserted as it worked fine for 100's of pages and then
failed on the one page that had data formatted differently than on other

>From what I was able to find searching, it doesn't look like the length of
the data would be any issue at all for a text field.  I am wondering if the
problem is the dashes (hyphens) in the data?

Any suggestions on how to fix this?  I can delete the collection and
redefine it with a field other than text, if that is the answer.

Thank you!


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