Title: Nutch 2.3.1 affected by downstream dependency CVE-2016-6809

Vulnerable Versions: 2.3.1 (1.16 is not vulnerable)

Disclosure date: 2018-10-22

Credit: Pierre Ernst, Salesforce

Summary: Remote Code Execution in Apache Nutch 2.3.1 when crawling web site
containing malicious content

Description: The reporter found an RCE security vulnerability in Nutch
2.3.1 when crawling a web site that links a doctored Matlab file. This was
due to unsafe deserialization of user generated content. The root cause is
2 outdated 3rd party dependencies: 1. Apache Tika version 1.10
(CVE-2016-6809) 2. Apache Commons Collections 4 version 4.0
(COLLECTIONS-580) Upgrading these 2 dependencies to the latest version will
fix the issue.

Resolution: The Apache Nutch Project Management Committee released Apache
Nutch 2.4 on 2019-10-11 (https://s.apache.org/uw8i3). All users of the 2.X
branch should upgrade to this version immediately. In addition, note that
we expect that v2.4 is the last release on the 2.x series. The Nutch PMC
decided to freeze the development on the 2.x branch for now, as no
committers are actively working on it. See the above hyperlink for more
information on upgrading and the 2.x retirement decision.

Contact: either dev[at] or private[at]nutch[dot]apache[dot]org depending on
the nature of your contact.

Regards lewismc
(On behalf of the Apache Nutch PMC)

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