I have been able to sucessfully compile apache ode 1.3.5 from the sources using 
the wonderful support provided by @Satwik. Now my next task is to make some 
changes in the source code and then recompile the it. I am able to create 
eclipse projects from the source code using "buildr eclipse" command and open 
the projects using eclipse. I have two questions regarding the changes I want 
to make in the source code

1- The main change I want to make is to print the IF activities in the logs. By 
default, all service invocations are logged in the log files but there are no 
logs for the IF activities. Mainly, I want to emit, the name of the IF 
activity, the conditional expression and its result (true or false). What 
project, files would I need to change?

2- Is it possible to compile and deploy ODE from within the eclipse? Currently, 
I have to make changes in the sources from within eclipse then compile it from 
buildr and then deploy the compiled project back in eclipse. This way I have to 
do a lot of work for testing a simple print statement. Is there an easy way of 
testing changes? What pattern ODE team follows for development?



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