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Lead Source is essential information for assessing the effectiveness of
marketing campaigns. It defines the primary source from which the given
lead came from i.e. how the lead found the organization.

While working in SFA component, I observed that when we create a Lead &
select Lead Source from New Lead page it is not associated with lead. When
we provide Group Name it is associated with Group and not with the Lead.
However. when we add Lead Source from the Lead Profile page, it is
associated with the lead only.

These 2 pages contradict each other in terms of their business process.

The sole purpose of Lead Source is to define the source of a lead, not the
source of a group.

I propose that we should update "createLead" service to associate Lead
Source to Lead only.

Please enlighten me if I missed out something here.

Links to verify
New Lead Page: https://demo-trunk.ofbiz.apache.org/sfa/control/NewLead
Lead Profile Page:

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