Hi Siegfried,

did you run "gradlew ofbiz" or just "ofbiz"?

The first would be correct. You should see the server starting.

Best regards,

Michael Brohl
ecomify GmbH

Am 02.02.18 um 14:51 schrieb Siegfried Theobald:
Hello all,
I have done the following things to prepare the setup of ofbiz 16.11.04: download of java jdk-9.0.4
definition of %JAVA_HOME%
download apache-ofbiz-16.11.04 from the suggested mirror
md5 and sha512 checks done
extraction of the zip-file
Then I followed the instructions of the readme.md file execution of gradlew cleanAll loadDefault (ran without errors)
execution of ofbiz (ran without error message, but ofbiz did not start)
I have tried to run ofbiz using my browser (firefox), but a connection to the local host was not possible. Can anybody help? Thank you Siegfried

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