Hi Vikram

Welcome and thanks for wanting to help contribute to the project. Yes you can 
be part of the team:-)  I will add your name to the documentation team list on 
the wiki.

If you don't already have a confluence id for our wiki, then it would be good 
if you could create one. Also we like all our contributors to have an ICLA 
filed with Apache and you can find details of what an ICLA is and what you need 
to do at the link below.


If you have any other questions, please  post a message on this mailing list.


On 2018/02/13 20:12:05, Vikram Gupta <vikramgupta...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Good Day,
> please let me know if I can be part of documentation team, I am currently
> working in java technology and was going through the available
> documentation of OfBiz from past 1 month.
> Thanks
> Vikram
> 0027 823833120
> Durban, South Africa

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