Hi James,

You are doing a debulk of the inventory item. I have used the following 
approach for one closed-sourced project.

You will need to implement a batch quantity attribute that is tied to a 
particular Bill of Material (BOM). 
So when we have a BOM A for Product B with batch quantity 12, this means a 
production run with BOM A will produce 12 items of Product B.

Using your example, we have 2 different products. One is 'GZ-1000 x 1', another 
is 'GZ-1000 x 12'. 
You set up a BOM for 'GX-1000 x 1' with a batch quantity of 12, and requiring 
'GZ-1000 x 12' as material.
Then do a production run to debulk.

James Yong

On 2018/02/28 16:37:35, <ja...@productive1.com> wrote: 
> Can ofbiz buy in one unit of measure and sell in another unit of
> measure.  For example:
> 1 Buy product GZ-1000 in case quantity in which each case includes 12
> eaches
> So I buy quantity of 1
> However when I receive it since I sell it in eaches ...I receive
> quantity of 12
> Is there a way of doing this without having to have to different
> products?
> Thanks,
> James

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