Hi  Sonali,

Your last email has been moderated again
The 1st one being https://markmail.org/message/jmkabexchsb7cvl2 4 months

Please, as Nabble also suggests you, consider to subscribe to the user ML
You will get a better support, it's more fair to share with everybody there
and it's less work for moderators (thanks Deepak).
The wider the audience the better the answers you might get!

This said, when I'll get a chance I'll try to answer you. But you should
know that OFBiz 12.04 is no longer supported (it's 6 years old) so it's
possible that this issue is fixed in newer releases but has not been
backported in 12.04. The last supported release is 16.11.04

Hope this helps while waiting for a better answer (again subscribing will
help ;))


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