Hi James, all

This was ready and available upto branches 15.12 of OFBiz, as I have
frequently implemented it for craft breweries where recipes for beer and
for bottling the beer. OOTB there is a limitation of (showing) 4 digits
behind the decimal point shown in a BoM.

The key issue is the proportions of the ingredients to produce 1 standard
measure of your product. That is the BoM and the basis for each Production
Run in OFBiz.

In one of our example recipes for 1 hectoliter of beer we have the
following - imaginary - ingredients in our BoM:
100 liters of water + 15 % for evaporation (scrap percentage)
20 kilograms of mats
200 grams of hops
1 pack of yeast (starter).

And our BoM for 1 bottle (33 cL) of beer (see attached screenshot:
1 bottle
0.0033 hectoliter of beer
1 cap

The way to get it working is setting up your manufacturable products and
components/ingredients set up properly. It is important to set the -
default - quantityUomId on the first screen of the product. The other
measure definitions are not used - as far as I can tell - not used in the
manufacturing functions.

I trust the above helps.

Best regards,

*Pierre Smits*

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> Team - How have you handled in the past a BOM that is a formula and uses
> fractions of inventory.  Let's say we inventory mix in gallons but to
> make 1 bottle of the mix it requires .00983 of a gallon?  It seems ofbiz
> doesnt handle decimals in BOM.  How have you handled this in the past?
> Thanks,
> James

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