The name of the new tutorial is:

 Installation OpenMeetings 3.1.x on Linux Mint 18

This tutorial Linux Mint 18, OpenMeetings 3.1.3
is exactly equal to the fact by my for Ubuntu 16.04,
because Mint 18 is based on Ubuntu Xenial.

The reason then is only thinking in them
new users accessing Linux for the first time.
Mint is currently in first place in the ranking of the
installations of Linux operating systems, and is that
come those new users, that will recommend one to
others to install.

At Distrowatch, can see the significant difference
that exists between the most installed operating system, Mint,
the second Debian and Ubuntu third, over the last 6 months:

Mint     ==> 2.949

Debian   ==> 1.712

Ubuntu   ==> 1.481


Those users, being new, are probably unaware that
Mint is based on Ubuntu, and therefore will be the easiest
guided by a tutorial that title with the name of his
operating system, Mint, unaware that the tutorial's
Ubuntu 16.04, les would serve equally.

So we opened the field for the expansion of knowledge
about OpenMeetings to those new users Linux.

As always, you can find it here:


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