Hi Maxim, 

How is the connection between openmeetings-server and openmeeings-web ?
(I started a apache-openmeetings-5.0.0-M4  which came from "mvn install 
openmeetings-server”  for SOAP/REST api)
My goal is entering the room via SOAP/REST api , had succeed,  then within the 
room when try to click camera for video it prompted media server service is 
So I realized it might because of the openmeeings-web was off.  So I tried to 
start the web, but can’t , because  5080 was already in used by the SOAP. 
How can I make people enter the room via restapi while having web started?  
Should I change the web port?   Could you instruct me on that ?
Best regards,
Tong Zhirong  

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