Hi all,

I've been on IRC trying to figure this out earlier, but it seems everyone's stumped there.

I set up owncloud 9.1.0 as per the manual on CentOS 7, works great from the intranet, both web interface and desktop client. Now the sysadmins have setup a port forwarding config on one of the webservers so we can share owncloud with our outside colleagues.

What happens when I go through the proxy is that I can login, see all files/folders, download all of them, even use the admin page. But I apparently lose permission to upload or create files in my own user's directory. However the desktop client syncing through webDAV works fine.

RealRancor on IRC suggested I upgrade to 9.1.1, which I've done. The issue remains.

Here is the relevant bit of my config.php for the reverse-proxy setup:
 'trusted_domains' =>
  array (
    0 => 'internalhost',
    1 => 'publicproxyhost.tld',
  'trusted_proxies' => ['publicproxyhost.tld ip'],
  'overwriteprotocol' => 'http',
  'overwrite.cli.url' => 'http://internalhost/owncloud',
'forwarded_for_headers' => array('HTTP_X_FORWARDED', 'HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR', 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'),

This is what the proxy configuration for Apache looks like:
<Location /teamowncloud>
Header edit Location ^([^/]*//[^/]*)?/owncloud/(.*)$ http://publicproxyhost.tld/teamowncloud/$2
        ProxyPass  http://internalhost/owncloud
        ProxyPassReverse http://internalhost/owncloud
        ProxyPassReverseCookiePath  /owncloud   /teamowncloud
        ProxyPassReverseCookieDomain  internalhost      publicproxyhost.tld
        AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE text/html
        AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE text/xml
        AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE text/css
        AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE application/javascript
        AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE application/json
        AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE application/xml
        Substitute  "s|http://internalhost/owncloud|/teamowncloud|inf"
        Substitute  "s|https://internalhost/owncloud|/teamowncloud|inf"
        Substitute  "s|/owncloud|/teamowncloud|inf"
        Substitute  "s|/owncloud|/teamowncloud|inf"

So why would I be able to upload files when accessing directly http://internalhost/owncloud, and not http://publicproxyhost.tld/teamowncloud?

At the moment we're still waiting for a certificate to arrive to move to HTTPS - we're aware of what that entails and we'll be fixing that ASAP.

What am I doing wrong with the OC config, or is it something that needs to be fixed in the proxy setup?

Thanks a bunch,

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GAIA project
University of Geneva

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