Hi, Josh:

Thanks for the suggestion. Adding hbase-site.xml in spark conf directory solves 
the problem


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Hi Xindian,

A couple of initial things that come to mind...

* Make sure that you're using HDP "bits" (jars) everywhere to remove any 
possibility that there's an issue between what Hortonworks ships and what's in 
* Make sure that your Java application/Spark job has the correct hbase-site.xml 
on the classpath. Both of these require effort on your part to make sure that 
the runtime has them.

Long, Xindian wrote:
> Hi:
> While I tried to connect to a hbase server with phoenix 4.7 installed 
> using client with the same version,
> I got the following exception:
> java.sql.SQLException: ERROR 726 (43M10): Inconsistent namespace 
> mapping properites
> Cannot initiate connection as SYSTEM:CATALOG is found but client does 
> not have phoenix.schema.isNamespaceMappingEnabled enabled
> I checked the server and client, both sides are having the following 
> options set to true in the hbase-site config:
> phoenix.schema.isNamespaceMappingEnabled,
> phoenix.schema.mapSystemTablesToNamespace
> The attached are the traces and the config screenshots for HBase 
> client and server . The platform is HDP 2.5 on both sides.
> Trace1 is when using Pheonix jdbc driver directly, trace2 is using it 
> through Spark
> Any idea what I should do?
> Thanks
> Xindian
> Server side:
> client side:

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