Anyone faced same problems as we are?
We are using phoenix 4.6 with hbase 1.1.2.

We have multiple entries in table. When we run query on that table with 
condition for one of the columns in table, let's say for column 4,  we don't 
get hit for that condition.
E.g.: table row has under 4th column value 'B'. If our condition is where 
column4 = 'B', we dont get hit. But if we use some different condition e.g. 5th 
column for some other value we got hit for that row.
So query is like:
select c1, c4, c5  from TABLE1 where (c4 = 'B')) AND (c1 <= TO_DATE('22.09.2016 
17:15:59', 'dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss'));

We checked if 4th column has value B in, and it is char and it is B. So it is 
really strange why we cannot use condition on 4th row and  get result.

Strange enough when we do select c1, c4, c5   from TABLE1; we get the row in 

Hope i explained ok.

Any thoughts on this problem?


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