Hi all,

I have a quick question. We are still running on Phoenix 4.5 (I know, it's
not my fault) and we're trying to setup a read only user on a phoenix
table. The minimum set of permissions to get access through sqlline is

grant 'readonlyuser' , 'RXC', 'SYSTEM.CATALOG'
grant 'readonlyuser' , 'RXC', 'SYSTEM.SEQUENCE'
grant 'readonlyuser' , 'RXC', 'SYSTEM.STATS'
grant 'readonlyuser' , 'RXC', 'SYSTEM.FUNCTION'
grant 'readonlyuser' , 'RX', 'READONLY.TABLENAME'

I was wondering whether there is a way for avoiding the need of the CREATE
permission on catalog tables.


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