The issue is commonly that is adding the HBase configuration to the classpath on your behalf. This obviously would not happen in Squirrel (which Phoenix doesn't control or know about).

* If Squirrel has the ability to add additional classpath entries, you can try adding $HBASE_CONF_DIR to it
* If not, you can manually add hbase-site.xml to your phoenix-client.jar
* Else, you can try starting up PQS and using the thin-driver instead of the thick-driver and that doesn't have any other required configuration.

On 3/2/18 5:00 AM, James Yu wrote:
I can run without a problem, but I am unable to connect to Phoenix with Squirrel. In Squirrel's log, we can see the hostname "hadoop-01" is successfully translated into IP and the connection is established. The zookeeper's log also shows the establishment, however, Squirrel still timeout the connection.

Any idea what can cause such behavior?

For more details & screenshot, please refer to this post:

Thank you.

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