The hbase-site.xml elements you shared earlier, were those your entire hbase-site contents or just part of it?

Make sure you have the required properties set as described on for your indexes. If you're still seeing problems, you may need to increase the number of handlers you configured HBase to use.

While in the stuck state, you may benefit from getting a thread-dump or two from the client and your regionserver(s). This would help in figuring out exactly where things are stuck (like the DEBUG logs would do).

On 4/9/18 1:30 PM, wrote:
thanks for your suggestion.  I found something interesting, not sure if that is 
some potential reason.  That is my indexes created on my tables.
I created a lot of indexes.  After I removed all of the indexes, it seems 
things went better(no more hanging like that).  So I am suspecting there is 
some incompatible or other issues in the way I set up mu cluster.

Something special i used to create table:
and some indexes I created like this:
CREATE INDEX testing_IDX_2  ON (field1, field2) INCLUDE (field3, field4)

On 2018/04/09 17:04:03, Josh Elser <> wrote:
Have you looked at DEBUG logging client and server(HBase) side?

The "Call exception" log messages imply that the client is repeatedly
trying to issue an RPC to a RegionServer and failing. This should be
where you focus your attention. It may be something trivial to fix
related to configuration/security setup.

On 4/8/18 2:04 AM, wrote:
Hi,  I got below tricky problem:
I successfully did a upsert into multiple tables with transaction enabled(and 
there are many index created on these table).
after the fist time upsert done successfully, I tried to do the 2nd, 3rd.... 
and next same upsert, sometime, the 2nd works, then the 3rd upsert will get 
timeout exception, at this time, the whole phoenix seems hangs there and keep 
retrying. I tried to stop the whole hbase cluster including phoenix queryserver 
and tepera and restart, then when I try to connect with, it got hang 

hbase-site.xml setting:

Below is some queryserver log:
18/04/08 05:47:12 INFO zookeeper.ZooKeeper: Initiating client connection, 
connectString=xxxx.xxxx.local:2181 sessionTimeout=90000 
18/04/08 05:47:12 INFO zookeeper.ClientCnxn: Opening socket connection to 
server xxxx.xxxx.local/ Will not attempt to authenticate using 
SASL (unknown error)
18/04/08 05:47:12 INFO zookeeper.ClientCnxn: Socket connection established to 
xxxx.xxxx.local/, initiating session
18/04/08 05:47:12 INFO zookeeper.ClientCnxn: Session establishment complete on 
server xxxx.xxxx.local/, sessionid = 0x162a3c72c9c0012, 
negotiated timeout = 90000
18/04/08 05:57:39 INFO client.RpcRetryingCaller: Call exception, tries=10, 
retries=35, started=38310 ms ago, cancelled=false, msg=row 
'SYSTEM.CATALOG,xxxLOAD_*N**_DIM,99999999999999' on table 'hbase:meta' at 
region=hbase:meta,,1.1588230740, hostname=xxxx.xxxx.local,16201,1523166165622, 
18/04/08 05:57:49 INFO client.RpcRetryingCaller: Call exception, tries=11, 
retries=35, started=48335 ms ago, cancelled=false, msg=row 
'SYSTEM.CATALOG,xxxxxLOAD_*N**_DIM,99999999999999' on table 'hbase:meta' at 

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