> Since you're using a global index, which stores the index data in a separate 
> table (and hence different regions, each of which has a different MemStore / 
> set of HFiles), and the error's happening to the base table, I'd be surprised 
> if Phoenix indexing is related. 

AFAIK Phoenix handle mutable secondary global index server side via coprocessor 
on HBase put. So maybe this coprocessor some how brake MemStore consistency for 
example by releasing locks/etc.

> What coprocessors (Phoenix and otherwise) are loaded on the table?

    MAX_FILESIZE => '32212254720',
    coprocessor$1 => 
    coprocessor$2 => 
    coprocessor$3 => 
    coprocessor$4 => 
    coprocessor$5 => 

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