> 4. Is newline(\n) is supported for the XWPFTableCell.


I don't see anything in setText that prohibits new line characters. If this
doesn't work, try creating multiple paragraphs in the table cell.
You may need to add multiple paragraphs. How does Word handle table cells
with newlines?

On Sep 19, 2016 3:42 AM, "Javen O'Neal" <one...@apache.org> wrote:

> It is best to address these questions to the list rather than any one
> individual, since that individual may be busy, less familiar with the
> subject than others, or don't want to feel burdened by volunteered support.
> To answer your questions, everything is possible within POI for XWPF,
> though you may need to go through the CT* classes to do some things and
> write your own code to compute what POI doesn't. As Mark suggested before,
> if you can't figure it out from the Java docs, web site quick guide, source
> code, or Google, you can create a file in Microsoft Office, rename to .zip,
> extract, and view the XML. That will give you hints how the OOXML format
> works.
> Doing this will tell you if #1 is a boolean auto-fit property on a table
> or if the dimensions are computed by the software and only the results are
> saved to the ooxml file. Same logic goes for the other questions.
> Sorry if this came across as terse. It seems more useful to empower you to
> find out answers for yourself.
> On Sep 19, 2016 3:00 AM, "MAHESH SHARAN" <mahesh.sha...@quest-global.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> Can you please provide the clarification for the below points.
>> 1.       Is it possible to deselect the checkbox  "In the Table
>> properties - Options, "Automatically resize to fit contents " using Apache
>> POI.
>> 2.       Is split cell option is available in POI, I want to add 3 rows
>> inside the cell.
>> 3.       How to align the spacing for  the Normal text style to 3pt
>> before and 3pt after.
>> 4.       Is newline(\n) is supported for the XWPFTableCell.
>> Thanks & Regards,
>>          Mahesh
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