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> Do you know the version of hadoop-aws.jar and aws-java-sdk.jar that you
> are using?
> I do not know what version is being used. Is this something that I can
> specify or control? I am using the PredictionIO buildpack
> https://github.com/heroku/predictionio-buildpack. I am *not* specifying
> these in my build.sbt currently.

The versions are specified in the "bin/common/setup-runtime" script of the


Currently they are:

   - hadoop-aws-2.7.3
   - aws-java-sdk-1.7.4

If you fork the buildpack, those download URLs (currently hosted in my S3
bucket) can be changed.

> You are also right that you can modify the class path in
> bin/compute-classpath.sh as a short term fix. The current order is
> following the output of your target system's `ls`, so the order is not
> guaranteed like you speak. Right before the last line (echo $CLASSPATH),
> you can add a line to make sure that the JAR you want to be loaded first is
> at the very beginning.
> I believe this would need to be something that is edited on master (
> https://github.com/apache/predictionio) as the buildpack leverages it vs.
> a cloned version of the code that I can edit, am I thinking through that
> correctly? I may need to circle back with Mars to see if there are any
> other options to get this to work with Heroku. Is this something that can
> be committed to master? The aws-java-sdk.jar is the one that we need to
> load first.

If you build your own custom binary distribution of PredictionIO 0.12 and
upload it to a publicly accessible URL, then the buildpack can be
configured to use it by setting config var `PREDICTIONIO_DIST_URL` which is
used by the same setup script as above:


This is how I tested my pre-release builds on Heroku.

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