I use PIO 0.10.0 version and hbase 1.2.4. The setup was working fine till
today morning. I saw PIO was down as the mount space issue was present on
the server and cleared the unwanted files.

After doing a pio-stop-all and pio-start-all the HMaster service is not
working. I tried multiple times the pio restart.

I can see whenever I do a pio-stop-all and check the service using jps, the
Hmaster seems running. Similarly I tried to run the ./start-hbase.sh script
but still pio status is not showing as success.

pio error log :

[INFO] [Console$] Inspecting PredictionIO...
[INFO] [Console$] PredictionIO 0.10.0-incubating is installed at
[INFO] [Console$] Inspecting Apache Spark...
[INFO] [Console$] Apache Spark is installed at
[INFO] [Console$] Apache Spark 1.6.3 detected (meets minimum requirement of
[INFO] [Console$] Inspecting storage backend connections...
[INFO] [Storage$] Verifying Meta Data Backend (Source: ELASTICSEARCH)...
[INFO] [Storage$] Verifying Model Data Backend (Source: LOCALFS)...
[INFO] [Storage$] Verifying Event Data Backend (Source: HBASE)...
[ERROR] [RecoverableZooKeeper] ZooKeeper exists failed after 1 attempts
[ERROR] [ZooKeeperWatcher] hconnection-0x7c891ba7, quorum=localhost:2181,
baseZNode=/hbase Received unexpected KeeperException, re-throwing exception
[WARN] [ZooKeeperRegistry] Can't retrieve clusterId from Zookeeper
[ERROR] [StorageClient] Cannot connect to ZooKeeper (ZooKeeper ensemble:
localhost). Please make sure that the configuration is pointing at the
correct ZooKeeper ensemble. By default, HBase manages its own ZooKeeper, so
if you have not configured HBase to use an external ZooKeeper, that means
your HBase is not started or configured properly.
[ERROR] [Storage$] Error initializing storage client for source HBASE
[ERROR] [Console$] Unable to connect to all storage backends successfully.
The following shows the error message from the storage backend.
[ERROR] [Console$] Data source HBASE was not properly initialized.
[ERROR] [Console$] Dumping configuration of initialized storage backend
sources. Please make sure they are correct.
[ERROR] [Console$] Source Name: ELASTICSEARCH; Type: elasticsearch;
Configuration: TYPE -> elasticsearch, HOME ->
[ERROR] [Console$] Source Name: LOCALFS; Type: localfs; Configuration: PATH
-> /root/.pio_store/models, TYPE -> localfs
[ERROR] [Console$] Source Name: HBASE; Type: (error); Configuration: (error)


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