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> Hi,
> PredictionIO serves as a framework for other numerical processing libraries, 
> primarily Spark's MLlib. You can read more of the documentation on the Spark 
> website <https://spark.apache.org/docs/latest/ml-guide.html>.
> The library has many tools related to classification, regression, 
> collaborative filtering, NLP, and other related tasks, so it's probably 
> easier to describe the broad task you want to do and then find out the 
> specific Spark / Java / Scala implementation API's.
> If you want to learn more about several statistical techniques, I would 
> recommend a general statistical book that describes many common techniques. I 
> find the Elements of Statistical Learning 
> <https://web.stanford.edu/~hastie/ElemStatLearn/> by Springer Press to be 
> particularly useful to that end. There are several other books about 
> Scikit-learn that also describe very well the variety of statistical 
> algorithms available to Data Scientists.
> Hope that helps!
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> Hello. 
> Is it possible to find scientific articles or a mathematical description of 
> the work of PredictionIO anywhere? 
> I could not find anything on predictionio.apache.org 
> <http://predictionio.apache.org/> except for a brief description of the 
> principle of work and deployment documentation.

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