I am new to PredictionIO and I have gone through the tutorial provided 
regarding the customer buying and rating products. I encountered queries 
regarding those. 
1. What if I change the rating of the product? Will it update the result in the 
database? Like will it use the most recent rating?
2. If I want to recommend a product with implicit as well as explicit content? 
Is there a link which helps me to understand the same or anyone can help me 
with it? I have gone through the tutorial and it says that for implicit it adds 
the number of views to decide whether the viewer likes or dislikes it. But what 
if I want to recommend a user with its likes and dislikes as well as the number 
of views. For eg, Even if the user has viewed it 1000’s of times but if it 
dislikes the product then it should affect the recommendation. Can anyone 
suggest me with a simpler way or so I have to make major changes in my code?

I hope my questions are genuine and not mundane.


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