Hi all,

I want to start the discussion of removing engine registration. How many
people actually take advantage of being able to run pio commands everywhere
outside of an engine template directory? This will be a nontrivial change
on the operational side so I want to gauge the potential impact to existing

- Stateless build. This would work well with many PaaS.
- Eliminate the "pio build" command once and for all.
- Ability to use your own build system, i.e. Maven, Ant, Gradle, etc.
- Potentially better experience with IDE since engine templates no longer
depends on an SBT plugin.

- Inability to run pio engine training and deployment commands outside of
engine template directory.
- No automatic version matching of PIO binary distribution and artifacts
version used in the engine template.
- A less unified user experience: from pio-build-train-deploy to build,
then pio-train-deploy.


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