Hi Ramesh,

Thanks for sharing those links!

I picked 0.7.1 version of Ranger and started to follow the steps mentioned in 
 But I see lot of changes in the software package compared to the one explained 
in the above link for 0.5.0. Also, in 'install.properties' I couldn't find a 
place on how to set HDFS as the storage for Audit logs. Would appreciate your 
help on this.

Also, can you please let me know whether HBase 1.1.8 is supported by Ranger 

Subash Kunjupillai

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Hi Subash,

For Ranger Plugin installation you can refer the older versions doc as the 
steps are the same, only difference will be for Auditing, it will be SOLR / 
HDFS. No Audit to DB support is there now.
Please refer the following documentation.

Installation in a non - kerberized cluster

Installation in a kerberized cluster.

Ranger Audit to Solr


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Subject: Ranger latest stable version installation and configuration steps


We are using Apache HBase and looking forward to enable Authorization and 
auditing for HBase using Apache Ranger.

I was not able to find the installation instruction for the latest stable 
release of Apache Ranger.

Can someone help me directing to the right link for installing and configuring 
Apache Ranger for HBase using its latest stable version.

Subash Kunjupillai

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