Hello !

I'm using Ranger embedded with HDP  (this is Ranger 0.5)
I have some kerberized clusters.

On two clusters A1 and A2, I don't have namenode HA.
On two other clusters, B1 and B2, I have namenodo HA.

My first question concerns the property dfs.datanode.kerberos.principal.
I don't have any datanode on the namenode and I don't have any dn principal
on the namenode.
What is the usage of this property please ?

My second question concerns the property
In this one, I must set the value of the secondary namenode, which is
useful only when namenode is not HA.
Which value do I need to set here when namenode HA is enabled ?

My third question concerns the property dfs.namenode.kerberos.principal.
In this property, I saw that ambari wrote the host for one of the namenode.
But what will happen if I have two namenodes in HA ? This principal won't
potentially have the right value it there is a namenode failover.
If the dfs.namenode.kerberos.principal contains the passive namenode, will
Ranger check the value of dfs.secondary.namenode.kerberos.principal to see
if it found the active namenode ?

What Ranger do with these principal properties please ?

Best regards.


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