Hi, Rangers ,

I am trying to send hive audit logs to kafka by following this link:

Unfortunately, I saw no messages were sent to kafka and there was no error

What I have now:
1. Ranger (0.4) installed on hortonworks (2.2)
2. Kafka (0.8.x)
3. Hive audit logs are generated both in local fs and the repo on ranger.
4. No errors observed in hive-server2 logs, nor kafka.out
5. Based on the tutorial listed above, I have modified
"hive-log4j.properties" and also add the jars (same version) to hive lib.

1. If there any place that I can find related logs to debug the log4j
appender failure?
2. Another question is that audit logs are only generated if i do the hive
query through Hue. Seems Ranger's policies can not be applied to operation
happened in hive terminal? Or there is something wrong with my

Really appreciate your help.

Thanks and regards,

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