Hi Kevin,

I have few questions on this.

Does that only not work with write.json() ? I just wonder if write.text,
csv or another API does not work as well and it is a JSON specific issue.

Also, does that work with small data? I want to make sure if this happen
only on large data.


2016-09-18 6:42 GMT+09:00 Kevin Burton <bur...@spinn3r.com>:

> I'm seeing some weird behavior and wanted some feedback.
> I have a fairly large, multi-hour job that operates over about 5TB of data.
> It builds it out into a ranked category index of about 25000 categories
> sorted by rank, descending.
> I want to write this to a file but it's not actually writing any data.
> if I run myrdd.take(100) ... that works fine and prints data to a file.
> If I run
> myrdd.write.json(), it takes the same amount of time, and then writes a
> local file with a SUCCESS file but no actual partition data in the file.
> There's only one small file with SUCCESS.
> Any advice on how to debug this?
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