Hi all,

We are currently testing SparkR on Windows[1] and it seems several problems
are being identified time to time. Although It seems it is not easy to
automate Spark's tests in Scala on Windows because I think we should
introduce a proper change detection to run only related tests rather than
running whole tests and etc., I think it is feasible to automate PySpark
tests on Windows because it does not take so long time.

I believe there are pretty many data analysts using SparkR on Windows but I
am not sure how many guys are using PySpark on Windows.

Currently, there are some issues with SparkR testing automation (e.g.
triggering some builds/tests on PRs not related with SparkR) so we might
have to try this latter but I just want to know and make sure before my
future PR and taking a look about this futher and then I would like to add
this thread as a reference.

I would appreciate if any of you shares your opinion/experience or some
issues on Windows in PySpark.

Thank you very much.

[1] https://github.com/apache/spark/pull/14859

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