We've recently started seeing a huge increase in spark.driver.maxResultSize - we are starting to set it at 3GB (and increase our driver memory a lot to 12GB or so). This is on v1.6.1 with Mesos scheduler.

All the docs I can see is that this is to do with .collect() being called on a large RDD (which isn't the case AFAIK - certainly nothing in the code) and it's rather puzzling me as to what's going on. I thought that the number of tasks was coming into it (about 14000 tasks in each of about a dozen stages). Adding a coalesce seemed to help but now we are hitting the problem again after a few minor code tweaks.

What else could be contributing to this?   Thoughts I've had:
- number of tasks
- metrics?
- um, a bit stuck!

The code looks like this:
val rows = df.count()

// actually we loop over this a few times
val output = df. groupBy("id").agg(

Cheers for any help/pointers! There are a couple of memory leak tickets fixed in v1.6.2 that may affect the driver so I may try an upgrade (the executors are fine).


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