Hi, all:

I'm using spark sql thrift server under Spark1.3.1 to do hive sql query.  I 
started spark sql thrift server like ./sbin/start-thriftserver.sh  --master 
yarn-client --num-executors 12 --executor-memory 5g  --driver-memory 5g, then 
sent continuos hive sql to the thrift server.

However, about 20 minutes later, I got OOM Error in the thrift server log: 
“Exception: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError thrown from the UncaughtExceptionHandler 
in thread "sparkDriver-scheduler-1" , and the memory of thrift server process 
had increased to 5.7g (use top commend under linux server).

With the help of Google, I found the following patch, and added it to 
spark1.3.1, but it didn't help:

The following is  my jmap output:

 num     #instances         #bytes  class name
   1:      21844706     1177481920  [C
   2:      21842972      524231328  java.lang.String
   3:       5429362      311283856  [Ljava.lang.Object;
   4:       3619510      296262792  [Ljava.util.HashMap$Entry;
   5:       8887511      284400352  java.util.HashMap$Entry
   6:       3618802      202652912  java.util.HashMap
   7:         51304      150483664  [B
   8:       5421523      130116552  java.util.ArrayList
   9:       4514237      108341688  
  10:       3611642       57786272  java.util.HashMap$EntrySet

So, how to solve this problem to let my spark sql thrift server run longer 
except for applying for larger driver memory? Dose someone encounter the same 


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