Hi All,

I am trying to use the JavaRDD.pipe() API.

I have one object with me from the JavaRDD and not the complete RDD. I mean
I am operating on one object inside the RDD.  In my object I have some
attribute values using which I create one string like "param1 param2 param3
param4". I have one C binary file with me which does some complex mathematic
calculations. Now I want to invoke the C binary using JavaRDD.pipe() API but
I do not have the RDD with me. I just have a string which I want to  pass to
the C binary.

How do I do this? My code is not in driver program. It is in some Java class
which is part of JavaRDD.

In driver.java class
 //create config
 //create context
  // generate RDD using data from Cassandra
 // Do a map operation on RDD and for each object in RDD do some operation
in helper Java class
 //Get the updated objects and save them back in Cassandra

In Helper.java class
//Get the data from object
//do some processing
//get some attributes string values
//Create one string out of those attributes

//Now invoke the C library and pass this one string as input parameter 
<---How to do this

//Read the output and update he object
Let me know if you need more inputs from me.
Thanks in advance. 

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